Wed, 10/19/2016


A physical environment that supports and engages children and young people is about much more than play areas. How can the built urban environment be most effectively child-friendly, youth-oriented and intergenerational? Cityscapes have a profound influence on people’s individual and collective health and well-being. What are the principles and processes that make this influence positive for children and young people?

Some speakers presenting under the theme: Children and the built environment

Ana-Maria Patroi, Architect, Arcadia Engineering, Romania. Abstract: Child-friendly Schools

Sebal Arin, Assist. Prof. Dr., Member of Executive Committee, BOU/NKK, Istanbul. Abstract: Integrating Children into Urban Space Design: "Play Without Barriers" Project

Nuha Eltinay, Director of Urban Planning and Sustainable Development, Arab Urban Development Institute (AUDI), Saudi Arabia. Abstract: Child Friendly City: Urban Design Framework

The conference offers a platform for exchange of experience and debates on how we can respond to the most vital challenges. The conference themes are:

  • Child friendly policies
  • The position of the children in the city
  • Children and the built environment
  • Refugee and immigrant children and young people in cities and municipalities

Join us for the conference dinner on Tuesday, November 8th at the beautiful St. Peter's Abbey.