2018 Special Topic Meetings

Call for proposals for SRCD’s 2018 Special Topic Meetings

SRCD invites preliminary proposals for special topic meetings to be held in 2018. As with our past meetings, we envision one or more small (250-500 attendees) meetings, each of which would be concentrated on a theme of interest to a subset of SRCD members and broadly consistent with SRCD’s new strategic plan. As in the past, the meetings can have topical or methodological foci. Meeting organizers are expected to provide intellectual leadership. As was true in 2016, organizers can take charge of local arrangements, including, for example, . using a university or other such site instead of a large convention hotel, thereby saving costs and reducing registration fees.  In these cases, the role of the organizers versus SRCD staff will be negotiated.

Topical areas will be chosen to be consistent with the goals of SRCD’s new strategic plan, especially goal one on building an integrative developmental science.  The topic should also be collectively broad enough to attract a substantial number of members, including graduate students, but innovative enough to attract active researchers working at the interface between conventional SRCD topic areas and more specialized areas. SRCD hopes that at least one of the meetings will address international topics and be held outside the US. As with the biennial meeting, SRCD will charge a conference fee to cover the expected conference costs. The amount of the conference fee depends on the venue selected for the meeting and the amount of food the meeting offers.  One possibility, for example, is to increase networking by having meals together, but that requires a higher  fee.   Again, this depends in part on the role the organizers play in making local arrangements. SRCD would certainly consider proposals that suggest piggy-backing onto an already ongoing relevant meeting and/or involve a collaboration with another organization.

Topical Area Idea Submission Guidelines

We are following the same submission and selection procedure used in 2016.  We ask first only for a statement of 750 words or less, describing the topic and its relation to the strategic plan.  A subcommittee of SRCD’s Governing Council will then be in touch with the proposers to discuss further details of the idea, including logistical arrangements.

These statements are due October 1, 2016 and should be submitted to info@srcd.org.  The subcommittee will then be in touch with proposers of selected topics by November 1. Final decisions will be made by December 31, 2016.