Policy Updates

In seeking to advance SRCD’s strategic goal of being “recognized for its dissemination of research-based knowledge to inform research priorities, public policy, professional and educational practice, and the broader public,” the SRCD Office for Policy and Communications produces a monthly update on policy developments related to children and families, produces policy briefs summarizing the Social Policy Report and selected research from other SRCD publications, hosts meetings and briefings connecting child development research and policy, and facilitates responses to requests for public comments.  The links below provide access to these resources, which may be of interest to SRCD members and non-members alike.

Policy Update
Policy Update is a monthly bulletin that SRCD members receive featuring recent policy developments of interest, including congressional legislation and federal research agency activities. Policy Update Archives

Policy Briefs
SRCD brings the science of child development to public policy and practice audiences through the production of the quarterly Social Policy Report Brief and other policy briefs.

Meetings & Briefings
SRCD shares child development research with policymakers, practitioners and the general public through policy meetings and briefings that it sponsors or co-sponsors.

Public Comments
SRCD periodically issues public comments to Congress, federal agencies, and others on issues that are important to Society members.