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What Is the Student/Early Career Council?

The Student/Early Career Council was created in 1999 by the SRCD Governing Council to facilitate increased involvement in SRCD for students and young professionals who are within 5 years of receiving their graduate degree. This involvement includes representing student and early career interests on SRCD committees, and working to identify and implement organizational changes that might benefit the student and early professional membership.

Since its inception, SECC has been working on several goals that were identified, in part, from feedback obtained from student and early career folks following the 2005 Biennial Meeting.

  • We are implementing the Student/Early Career section of the SRCD website. This website will provide a wealth of resources. We have already compiled information regarding educational opportunities, career development and other areas of interest such as teaching.
  • Increasing student and early career programming at the Biennial Meetings. In 2007 we sponsored a workshop “Pathways to Becoming an Independent Investigator: NIH Grant-Writing Workshop for Student and Early Career Investigators” as well as organized the SRCD Student and Early Career Reception. The student/early career conference webpage will be updated regularly with information on submitting an abstract, preparing for the biennial meeting, as well as the planned student and early career programming for the 2009 biennial meeting. So please take time to check it out.
  • We are also developing strategies to improve communication among SRCD’s student/early career members, such as implementing mechanisms to publicize your accomplishments and passing along important information through our regular student/early career section of the SRCD Developments Newsletter. In addition, we are planning to provide mechanisms for fostering mentoring among SRCD members.
  • Finally, we are committed to fostering research opportunities for student and early career members. We will soon be offering Dissertation Grants. Please stay tuned! Information will be posted on this page when it is available.

SECC is committed to providing resources and information to all of the Student and Early Career Members of SRCD. Please feel free to contact us with any thought, ideas, or comments at secc@srcd.org.

Contact Early Career Representatives at secc@srcd.org